Sunday, February 18, 2007

We are all NHL...

OK, so somehow, they finally figured out how to turn hockey players into actors. This is a great commercial!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

oscar thoughts

So I finally got a chance to see Dreamgirls a couple of weeks ago. I'm still surprised that Jennifer Hudson is up for an academy for SUPPORTING actress. The movie seemed to be all about her character. So if she really was just "supporting" the lead actress, then she definitely took over the screen! And it's probably the reason why she's being handed all of these awards. I'm still skeptical about whether or not this will lead to other acting roles. I'm still of the mind that this is a one-shot wonder role. Still, she's deserving.

On another note,the recognition I saw The Queen just shortly after it came out... before any expectations were created. I wanted to see this movie because it was hard to imagine that anyone could portray accurately the Queen of England. The result would either smear the Queen's reputation, or have the actress fall flat on her face trying. The Queen is like an untouchable on the silver screen.

But I was pleasantly surprised to see that Helen Mirren pulled it off, allowing us not only to see the Queen as a person, but humanized her in way that still allowed the movie to end with her full dignity intact. It was a feat that deserves the minimum of of an Oscar nomination.

innovative void

OK, so SFU decided to come out with a new logo for their school. It looks oddly familiar with another logo...

Go to SFU's website and look at the logo change they've come up with. Oh yeah, you guys are brilliant...

Thursday, February 8, 2007

one last look

So I finally threw away the ipod I received in the mail from a friend back in August of last year. If you didn't hear what happened, a friend kindly bought me an ipod as a gift and sent it up to me through the mail. It arrived at my doorstep freshly wounded (meaning that it was still warm from the damage), obvious from fast moving wheel that shaved the poor thing down to its wires.

I only looked at the box. But when I opened it, I had hoped that perhaps I could salvage some stuff. Well, I got myself a second pair of earphones, which is kinda cool (not sure exactly why I need a second pair... maybe to sell on eBay or something). But the damage pretty much ate through everything else, as you can see.... the cover, the CD, the USB transfer cords, and of course, the iPod itself. It's was very thoroughly damaged.

Oh yeah, and the best part of this story? The plastic bag that it came in with a note from Canada Post. Let me summarize it: "Oh, this was found the way you see it now. But we're trying to better, honest!" Thanks Canada Post. Next time, try saying sorry first.

Epilogue: I finally saved up enough to buy my own ipod a couple of weeks ago... yeah!

on the Hawks game

So that was one crazy bounce into the net in our game against Chicago tonight. Bieksa was just tryin to help... and ended up helping the wrong team. Everything seems to get worse from there. The Hawks were like they had just received a gift from the hockey gods and rode the wave till the end... and the expense of the home team.

But did anyone notice how many times Bulis coughed up the puck... the guy just had no finish to his puck battles tonight. As if it's not enough that he's already the black sheep of the team, and the fans are probably growing weary of his lack of finish. It's amazing how one moment of verbal diarrhea takes months and months of repair. It's kinda like how he plays sometimes... with lack of thought.

In my opinion, the canucks mistake was over-analyzing the opponent. Lalime, the standings, their win-pride... They should've just went out there like it was any other team and take it to them. Instead, they played to the level of what they thought of the opposing team, and the Hawks took advantage big time.

Canucks are not bustling with talent this year (though there's moments where you wonder if it's there in the undertow). But they are finally proving the age-old truth that hard work can pay off. I'm with them all the way to the playoffs. This year, let's give the fans more to cheer about. Luongo has earned his chance to show what he can do when the heat's turned up in the playoffs... and I for one will be there cheering all the way...